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Andreea - 0724613762 (Marriot)

andreea sani mari sani nr 4 sex intre sani finalizare pe sani sex normal protejat annilingus cunnilingus 69

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#41 bjlover


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    10 oktober 2013
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    Postat 28 januari 2014 - 10:00

    Since beauty is subjective, I will abstain from giving votes to the face and the general look of the girls, or maybe just a slight hint, I will focus more on the rest. Through the lines of this incipit, you may read and understand that I don't want to "offend" the girls discussed nor the fellow posters who may have different tastes (or glasses) from me.
    space.gif space.gif

    1x1transp.gifI visited Andreea Marriott thinking I was going to another Andreea, the one in the flat where Irina Vogue used to work (now she quit?). I know it looks like I was in a total state of confusion, probably I truly was  :rax2  :laugh2 . Yesterday I mentioned Andreea Marriott ( why not Andreea Burebista?) in another post thinking she was a top.

    By the way, I take also this occasion for a side post of my crusade against overrating: the "Vogue family" was a case where even the location was overrated: small toilet with broken WC button, nearly impossible to flush (had to use the water from the shower) and bloody drain hose from the washing machine out of control  :slap2 . Beds broken down, you could hear squeaks and creakings as loud as the moans of the girls from other rooms with doors closed! No air conditioning, no ventilators, in october (not august) you were sweating and suffocating. But fellas gave great score to the flat too...

    Ok, back to the Andreea I found, she's close to High Class Cafe, the name of the street should be Burebista, just off Alba Julia, imagine my surprise when she drove me to another address! I phoned her by Vogue entrance, while following her directions I thought the cheerful family might have split after the disappearance of their over-overrated superstar.

    Andreea's location is really nice, clean. You must call her in advance also because she must get "ready", which is to receive you in proper attire, the same procedure of Irina's flat, where you could be left half-an-hour -plus in front of Vogue even if you didn't care about their underwear and were begging to be let in. I told her about the equivocation, she said she didn't know what I was talking about, I took a while to believe her. It came out that she reads the forums very rarely, that she doesn't care about what people write, nor she bothers about colleagues, she stays alone and she's happy like that. She has a broad structure, some 4-5 kgs less would suit her better, a bit saggy, especially the boobs, a bit of tummy, if her body was firmer she could easily ask more money. Anyway surely fuckable.

    She made me accommodate, offered to drink, lit on cigarettes. She noticed I was "in a hurry", she said she wanted to chat a while before starting, she reassured me that talking time wouldn't count, she didn't mind 20-30 mins more, she likes to meet and know people, it is something she likes and enjoys in this job. Very nice and still very professional. I had been warned on the phone that some services (FK, BBBJ, CIM) are not given to anyone, but I know normally I always get BBBJ and CIM if it's offered. If I like the girl, I want to fuck her, normally I hunt hoping to find a girl that I like, CIM is just a safety net in case I don't like the partner or I can't finish by fucking.

    After our pleasant talk, I was informed that I had "passed the examination", my interview had been successful! I was allowed "extras"!  :hooray  I never doubted about that, and as soon as she welcomed me it was already clear that I was entitled.  She looks at you, listens to you, how you speak, how you move, with the maximum attention, I guess somehow she makes x-rays too  :snappy , both when you are dressed and when you are not anymore, I liked her attention.

    Unfortunately, she had a cold, so I tried to avoid too much proximity, in the limits of possible, of course, given the activity :laugh2 , so no FK. Her blowing was good, then we had sex, then she tried to finish me by blowing. Once again, I didn't reach the climax, in spite of her efforts. She made a point of making me release, she didn't want to surrender, a matter of pride, what an admirable committment, I ended up apologizing to her   :console .

    I don't remember many technical details, but the general and important concepts can be worth more than the positions in bed. For once, I met a woman, a real woman, not an empty shell, not a sperm vacuum, not a simple sewer, not a spoilt brat, not a childish moody hooker, not a clockwatcher, not a dodgy worn out pro. Some 27 years old, with a personality, a character, intelligent, assertive, polite, educated, mature, nice to talk to about anything, she knows what she wants, she is professional, doesn't try to take any advantage from you, she is interested in knowing people also beyond the mere squalid $-shut-up-and-shag-leave-as-quickly-as-possible. No assembly line, no pressure, no rush, before, during and after, even if I must say that she was expecting me to finish while fucking. She also made some moans which I perceived as fake. Being "in confidence", I told her they were not necessary, she answered she doesn't pretend, whatever she does is felt and true. Mmmh, let's call it the only "stain" of anotherwise impeccable performance in and out of bed.

    I'm the first one to say that I don't pay women for their brain and that I'm not interested in anything else apart their bodies, but sometimes it's nice to meet someone like her, at least you are left with "something", different, unusual, not just empty balls (and this time I didn't even unload  :laugh2 ).

    Not a GFE, that's more likely to happen with "college girls like" providers, girls next door, girls like Diana student, the only one I nearly properly kissed (she had colds on my 2 visits, on the second I had it too) in this trip, inspite of theoretically visiting mostly girls advertising DFK. For one reason or another pratically I got no kissing.

    Not a PSE, that's more difficult to get, and not many girls like Andreea BCR available. If and when I come back to bucharest I will visit her, and for longer.

    Simply a particular experience, something different and maybe the most difficult to find, whether for free or by paying: to have some time with a real woman


    Location: 9

    Approach: 9

    Attitude: at least 9

    Oral: 7,5

    Sex: 7

    Price: 200/1h  (plus chat)

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    #42 >Dem Radulescu<

    Dem Radulescu

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      18 augustus 2013
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    Postat 28 januari 2014 - 10:08

    Bjlover:can I give you a BIG "like"??
    This is the best description of this "interesting hippie" girl,ever!:))
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    #43 Dolphin666


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      12 oktober 2011
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    Postat 16 april 2014 - 12:17

    Am vizitat-o pe domnishoara in seara asta; locatzia este zona Alba Iulia-Bd Burebista-aproape de cafeneaua High Class( moderatorii pot edita in titlu); pe vremea asta ploioasa, a fost o optziune foarte buna ; de recomandat daca reusitzi sa intzelegetzi ce scriu; eu nu m-as intoarce deoarece imi da impresia ca e genul de escorta cu care o sa ai o experientza foarte buna daca reusesti sa spargi gheatza si sa te intzelegi cu ea; daca nu, s-ar putea sa fie doar ceva in limitele normalului.


    In primul rand, tipa nu vrea sa stie de forum, a avut ceva probleme cu niste forumisti, asa ca n-o intereseaza ce recenzii facem noi, whatever, cine vine bine, cine nu, iar bine; partea buna este ca pozele sunt reale si in plus este dragutzica si la fatza, un ten alb, ochi nici prea mici, nici prea mari, caprui verzui inchisi la culoare, buze subtziri, trasaturi fine, iar cand zambeste e chiar dulce foc; totul este sa ai rabdare pana o faci sa zambesti; de aceea, o conversatzie de inceput e recomandabila; nu are treaba cu timpul, acuma este si o chestie de bun simtz, pe care unii mai experimentatzi vor sti sa o exploateze, dar daca esti fugit de la nevasta, e bine sa ai alarma pusa; adik o ora la 200 RON poate insemna binishor peste 60 de minute, tipa nu sta cu ochii pe ceas.


    Locatzia este o garsoniera situata la etaj superios unde nu mai ajunge liftul, deci un etaj e de parcurs pentru incalzire; este o garsoniera dragutza si curata pregatita cu tot ce trebuie; nu stiu daca e cazul pentru papuci , ca eu nu cer si nu folosesc, dar in rest totul e curat la baie si in rest; atmosfera cu lumanari si betzhigase mirositoare, lucru de apreciat; mi-a pus si un playlist cu o muzica frumoasa si linistita, dar care pe unii s-ar putea sa-i deprime; se mai spune in alte recenzii ca tipa are o atitudine rezervata, poate chiar plictisita; n-as zice, e o tipa destul de cool, nu incearca sa te impresioneze cu bullshitting, iar daca vei reusi sa spargi gheatza , se va dovedi destul de naturala, misterioasa chiar; dar daca esti impresionat de dulcegarii si chestii de marketing menite sa atraga, Andreea nu itzi va da ocazia pentru asa ceva; pe scurt, nu cred k merge cu cineva care merge pe o experientza sportiva din prima. M-a asteptat dupa usha, in ciorapi negri cu banda, pantofi negri cu toc, un neglije negru finutz, fara sutie, sanii un pic lasatzi; are o conformatzie un pic lata, fundul e marfa, dar nu cine stie ce ; cateva kg in plus, dar daca ar fi mai slaba, nu i-ar da bine; n-are o carnatzie ferma, dar e buna de smotocit, mie mi-a placut, mai ales pe sholduri, primitoare.


    Dupa ce m-am acomodat , am iesit din baie si m-am asezat langa ea pe cap; era linistita, m-am apucat sa o mangai, spre un fel de masaj, dar elegant mi-a explicat ca nu-i place nici sa i se faca ,si nici sa faca; dupa care a inceput sa se frece de mine, sa vina deasupra mea  cu sanii, sa ma sarute pe corp; ok, despre sani: mari, pufosi, cam nr 4, sfarcuri delicioase, mari, rotunde; place sa-i mangai si sa-i sarutzi, sa-i sugi delicat; dar are o performantza mai buna si cand se apuca de oral, in timp ce se freaca cu ei, si geme ushor; la sex oral, incepe foarte, foarte soft, mult lins obiectul si zonele adiacente, mult scuipat, practic te spala, chiar si la oua, si in jur; e o senzatzie super; dupa care incepe cu rupt de ritm si chiar geme; am avut niste senzatzii minunate; din cand in cand se uita si in ochii mei; nu e cazul de deep, nu cred ca duce mai mult de 10 cm; dar itzi da senzatiza ca-i place sa o suga si o face indelungat; m-am lasat pe mana ei, nu m-am gandit sa finalizez, k in ultimul timp mi-e frica gen nu mai am timp pentru sex normal; dupa un timp, am rugat-o sa vina in 69; are o pasarica dulce, se misca in limba mea cum ii placea, este carnoasa si fara mirosuri neplacute; de fapt tot corpul ei e frumos mirositor; ghinion insa, nu era proaspat epilata, niste mici peri oarecum deranjantz; fapt discutabil, eu stiu ca fetele nu se pot epila pana nu creste catushi de putzin, deci ghinionul meu; sunt obisnuit cu tot felul, asa ca nu m-a deranjat deosebit; mi-a placut ca se misca deci cautandu-si placerea; dupa un timp m-am ridicat si i-am facut un cunilingus ca la carte, si fata a avut un orgasm frumos; a dat bine; am invitat-o iar sa imi faca sex oral, pana cand nu mai puteam de pofta si am cerut un prezervativ; am intrat in ea incet de tot, in misionar; era bine de tot: sholduri bune, sfarcuri excitate, incepe sa se mishte ushor si sa geama; de sarutat, un FK oarecum retzinut in tot timpul actziunii, dar placut; am inceput sa imi pun ambitzia si sa ma misc alternand modurile si unghiurile, si a inceput sa-i placa la greu; am marit ritmul, pana a avut orgasm, si atunci mi-am dat seama ca dorintza mea, de a i-o trage pe la spate, nu isi va mai avea rostul, asa ca am continuat pana cand am terminat in prezervativ, m-a tras in ea cand a simtzit ca termin, a fost super; mi-am scos obiectul muncii si am stat unul langa altul, sa ne relaxam; a fost ceva frumos,au fost niste senzatzii minunate; cateodata sunt gelos pe unii coegi care au recenzii in care fac si dreg in toate pozitziile etc; nu stiu de ce, parca la mine nu prea mai merg fazele astea asa usor; poate fiindca am luat in greutate vreo 15 kg foarte ushor, nu stiu...


    M-am dus la baie, imbracat, niste discutzii de final, si la revedere; repet,  de recomandat, dar eu nu voi reveni deoarece consider ca, daca vrei sa ai o experientza super placuta cu ea, merge atat timp cat reusesti sa o surprinzi, altfel poate fi o escorta pentru care platesti un pretz destul de corect:). am mers pe varianta 200 RON/ ora dar am stat putzin peste; Notele:


    Locatzie-nota 9-zona Burebista rond Alba Iulia, ushor de ajuns, greu de parcat, garsoniera curata dotata cu tot ce trebuie, tipa sta singura, atmosfera cu lumanari aprinse si o muzica de bun gust.


    Fata- ca look overall nota 8-ai pe ce pune mana, fatza dragutza, ten alb, par lung frumos matasos, niste tatuaje dragutze, curata, dulce, ar putea fi notata mai bine daca ar fi un pic mai fit, altfel se lasa si sani si tot, desi e destul de tanara; buze subtziri, zambet minunat, conversatzii normale, satena inchis, are cam 1.70 fara tocuri iar ca greutate greu de stabilit, intre 55 si 60 kg as zice, are o conformatzie mai lata.


    Servicii-total nota 8.5-am apreciat o experientza la care ma pot raporta doar eu prin felul meu de a fi; daca reusesti sa faci click, poate iesi frumos, in zona soft insa; sex oral notat 8.5( te intreaba cum il vrei depinzand si de igiena ta, multa saliva, gemete, se ajuta de sani, nu stiu daca face CIM, ca nu m-a interesat), sex  normal 10( a avut orgasm, se misca super chiar si sub mine, cred k daca ma tzinea pentru mai multe pozitzii iesea memorabil); GFE as zice 8, se ajunge greu la FK, dar altfel sarutari pe corp din abundentza, daca ar afisha o personalitate mai calda, am aprecia mai mult; nu presteaza anal, nu face dominare.


    Program de lucru...hmmm.. cand o gasitzi:); se poate suna si seara tarziu, depinde; e bine ca sta singura in garsoniera.


    Sfat practic: nu mentzionatzi forumul, eu m-am motivat fiind oarecum surprinsa de felul cum am tratat-o( a realizat ca stiu destule amanunte), deoarece stiam de la colegii mei de forum carora le multzumesc foarte mult; altfel , va sfatuiesc sa nu mentzionatzi, ca n-o intereseaza, si va facetzi un defavor; bottom line, 200RON pe ora, experientza soft foarte placuta, recomand pentru o experientza cu o persoana misterioasa si calma pe o vreme ploioasa. Sincer, poate imi schimb parerea si revin la ea, nu stiu sa zic, poate la anu, daca o mai gasim pe aici:)


    Daca sunt intrebari si nelamuriri, va stau la dispozitzie cu cea mai mare placere:).

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    The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs less =))

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