Advices for the first-time tourists in Bucharest

Advices for the first-time tourists in Bucharest

Bucharest Hotels

Bucharest has a surprising variety of hotels to offer. The properties can range from no stars to 5 Star properties, from budget to luxury! Most can be found in the downtown area, but also in different area of the city.
Intercontinental Hotel, Radisson Blu, JW, are all girl friendly. The Radisson has key card access elevators so you will have to meet the girl in the lobby or outside. The Intercontinental they can come straight up no harassment at all from security. Some of people preffer Intercontinental over the others because of location to old town. Radisson is outrageous price wise. The Radisson has the best pool though. It is open access so you can go over and hangout lots of eye candy there.
Some people favorite`s is Radisson Blue, it is a 5 star hotel, best in the city in some opinions. Marriott is also fine but not so central as Radisson Both are girl friendly, at least at are girls never had problems entering the hotel.

Taxis in Bucharest

Taking taxis in Bucharest is cheap. Try to give the impression that you know where you are going for avoiding overcharge you. Check on a map (Google maps !) where it is.. If you have good orientation, you will know what direction the taxi should go. In case of doubt, show the adress you received in an sms or call the girl you booked, then let her talk to the driver. Choose a taxi who has the price 1,39 lei/km.
It is marked on the front of the taxi, on the outside. Or just ask your hotel to call one for you. They know which ones are ok. Easiest way to find a cab is with Clever Taxi app and can book a car at your location only from the app without calling at the dispecer. Also you can select the 1.39 lei/km cars.
Useful tips: Avoid offers from taxi drivers to take you where there are beautiful girls for an affordable price. Most likely he’ll take you to a massage parlor where he receives a commission.

Bucharest Street Hookers

Prostitution is an administrative but not criminal offence since 2014 when has been decriminalized and is now punishable by a fine for prostitutes. No charges for clients. In the evening and night street hookers can be found downtown, in the old town area, as well on Magheru blvd and nearby the big hotels like Intercontinental, Howard Johnson, Hilton, Marriott, Radisson.
Other places where street hookers can be found in Bucharest is south side of the city, on Strada Zețarilor, just on the west side of Șoseaua Giurgiului. Keep your senses about you it is a bad neighborhood. Another place is near the Gara de nord at night. There is a heavy police presence in the park across the street where there is always girls hanging around, eager for business including the pimps.
They charge from 15 euro to 100 euro, it depends on the girl and most of girls are gypsies.
There are many places in Bucharest where you can find attractive Bucharest street hookers but you should NOT visit these shitholes for various reasons: girls are overcharge you because you are a tourist, it is dangerous (for locals too) – risk of getting robbed by girls, by pimps or by police which is working closely with some street hookers. Safety should be number one priority first.
Another areas where you find stret girls are at intersection between street Maior Ion Coravu with street Mihai bravu very close to passage Muncii. It is a very well-known area where stret hookers are doing business since i was a in high-scool. They do not have any place to go so you should have a car because thats were the action is happen. On Marasesti boulevard you can also seen few blondes right next to the church, they are also have no location so you`ll need a car to take them in.
We have been informed there are street hookers as well on Valea Oltului (use google maps) they are hanging out there with the pimps and sometimes they are between 2-5 girls, not attractive ones unfortunetly. This area is heavely monitorized by police.
Maria Rosetti is also a street located in downtown (somehow near the Intercontinental hotel) – please use google maps for a better understanding. There were seen couple of girls as well.

Also see the places bellow: – use google maps and copy and paste the street name:
-Street calea vacaresti – between hasmita garden and piata sudului – there are 1-3 girls per night
-boulevard Mihai bravu 1-3 street hookers
-Between street Vatra Luminoasa while go to Piata Muncii after the mega image store – on the evening there are 2-4 street girls
-boulevard Ferdinand while go at Piata Iancului 1-2 street hookers per night
-Between kaufland and KFC dristor area until metro station Mihail bravu – lots of street hookers between 3-6 per night
-Stefan cel mare area (one metro station from Victoria metro station) after street Lizeanu while go in direction Piata Obor after mega image store 1-2 street hookers
-Next to Gara de Nord – street Grivitei right next to hotel Ibis around 4 street girls per night (pay attention this is major shithole).

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