Where do we find the romanian escort girls?

Where do we find the romanian escort girls?

Most common questions we got is were we can find the escort girls in Bucharest.
There are a few websites that are great to find girls when your staying in Bucharest and your looking up for escort girls. Escorts advertise on escort directories, classified ads sites, forums or run their own independent escort website (very few of them running website). With a few exceptions romanian escorts don’t use whatsapp, internet calls, email and other type of communications, they use only phone calls.

Romania Escort directory and Classified ads site for Bucharest escorts

This one Nimfomane.com: go to the part where the girls were tested and approved by other members.
In the ANUNTURI section, you will find advertisements from local girls.
Escorte testate‘ gives info from fellow mongers (customers / forum members). In “Escorte Testate Bucuresti” you find girls with more positive reviews than negative.
Top Escorte‘ : info on girls who were approved many times before. In “Top Escorte Bucuresti” you find the best girls, the best services without surprises. Also if you are into luxury escorts we have been created a sub-forum for Bucharest luxury escorts.
In “Escorte de evitat Bucuresti” you find fake girls, bad services, and all the girls to avoid.

Anuntul.ro has suspended their category named “Matrimoniale” (where escorts used to advertise their services) in April 2016 and they banned publication of explicit ads. Some of the girls publish now their adverts as massage, in fact they provide escort services but, this way, you never know if you call a real masseuse or an escort. However, on anuntul.ro were a lot of escorts with fake pictures. Now all escorts publish their ads on Job Section – Click Here. We`ll discuss bellow all aspects regarding fake escorts who use stolent photos and how to avoid them. Finding the right escort in Bucharest is quite a time consuming effort.

Another classified ads website is Publi24 where escorts from Bucharest publishe their adverts. (Please select from the left-side the city Bucharest). Both Anuntul and Publi24 are using romanian language so you must use google translate. Get the Google Translate addon for Chrome and you can read the reviews with moderate accuracy.
Most of the escorts from Bucharest who advertise on on Publi24 are escorts who work at their places, usually in an apartment with more than one working girl. There are 1-2 girls who share the flat appartment. And the price range is between 40 ron to up to 900 ron (10 euros-200 euro/hour) dependeing on what kind of services are you looking for, incalls or outcalls and what kind of action you preffer: with a single lady, threesome, group sex etc.
Appartment girls do have condoms. No matter what they say on other reputable websites. No need to bring any.
Publi24 has a lot of content from most of the major cities so, yes, you can find escorts from Bucharest there, but you need time and patience and you probably will have to call many of them until you decide to one.

Those are three majore sites where escorts from Bucharest are advertising in, of course there are out there many other sites, just search on the google Bucharest Escorts and you can find plenty of them. No matter what site you chose for finding the escort you like pay attention to bellow advices:

1. Start lurking on escort directories,forums and classified ads create yourself a list with 8 attractive girls which you likes and suit your needs (incalls/outcalls/cum in mouth/price range/anal sex/ mature/teen etc). After you created the bucket list with all your favorite girls, take the first link and download her pictures on your computer and start using google images with 1-2 random pictures from her profile. Also you can spot the fakes right after you looking at the pictures. If the girls looks very attractive and her photos are lumionus like playboy style is definetly a scam going on right there. Take a look at the girls which advertising with bellow photos (of course every pic is fake):

2. Step two search on the forum the escort’s phone number or use Google search for obtaining more result about her. If you find different girls photos in various sites but with the same number then you discovered a fake escort. Searching on google her phone number can bring some nice results including other members`s reviews on the forum and you can easly read using google translate.

3. How many of the girls left from list? If there are any, please read lines bellow. We suggest you buying a sim card from a local operator. Some of them gives you very good deals and i have noticed some girls distrust the foreign phone numbers. They will only deal with you if you call them with a romanian number. Also cause it costs them nothing to call you or text you. It is part of the tariff plan. Just buy the sim card and you will call them for free, text free,free internet and even call fixed lines in europe if you get the right deal. You can chose between three majore operators: Orange, Vodafone, Digi. What im recommend you is to chose Vodafone for Bucharest because almoust all escorts from Bucharest are using Vodafone. This company has the greatest cover network in Bucharest. If youre based on different town than Bucharest, Orange is the main operator. A SIM card wont cost you more than 40 lei (top 8 euro). The main advantage when using a local SIM card is that the girl can send you a sms with her address.
When contacting the girls start from 10 am a clock. Many of them do not answer if you calling them early in the morning. Make the appointment not very long after you spoke with her on the phone, 30-60 mins after talking with her if possible.

Happy hunting!

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    What 4-5 star hotels in Bucharest allow prostitutes to solicit customers in the lobby areas and at the bars? I prefer to meet sex workers directly to make up my mind.

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