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  1. Salut! Am vizitat si eu pe Deea saptamana aceasta si voi incerca sa las un review mic, in limba romana. Deci daca gresesc cuvinte... cui ii pasa Imi place Deea. Mica si amuzanta, amabila si inteligenta. M-a asteptat in costumatie sexy, cu muzica buna, cu A/C pornit si multa apa rece 😅. Nu mi-a placut ca a dat costumatia jos inainte de a iesi eu de la dus. Mereu cred ca o femeie este mai sexy cu putina imbracaminte dar deloc. Nici parul prins nu este preferatul meu, dar proabil de la caldura. Insa m-am jucat cu sanii, 69, iar sanii, si mult ON. Prefer ON peste NP
  2. Hello everyone. I'm here to leave a little review on my RuxyPuxy here. It's gonna be short and sweet, just like she is. I've visited her 3 times already and I left happy every time, you know, first time is an accident, second time is a coincidence, third time is a habit. Ruxy, a funny petite fuck-machine with nice big boobies and thicc af, always wearing some sexy lingerie, especially those fishnet stockings, daaaaamn, or how rappers call it, a true "shawty". Every encounter with her starts with a little chat about little things, and escalates to mild G
  3. Here are my favorite English speaking girls from Bucharest (they both work pretty close to Mega Mall): Andra: https://nimfomane.com/forum/topic/70881-andra-mega-mall-0737-504-793/ Tasha: https://nimfomane.com/forum/topic/110487-tasha-basarabeanca-top-class-0736043349/ Thank me after you visited them.
  4. Heyyo everyone. Just dropping by, remember I haven't write a review for this awesome lady for a while, even though I have several times before since my last review, if I did after every visit, I would be reported for spam; so I thought I'd d-d-drop a few lines; since we "celebrate" a year after our first encounter. Nothing much changed, top class services; smart, funny and beautiful girl, only the bewbs got bigger and better to play with. Yes, this is small and dry, and so am I after every visit with Andra. See you soon. Cordially, Aleks
  5. Hello everybody. Gonna keep this really short: BEST ORAL EVER Like, for real, I'm mostly into oral, and she blew my fkin mind. So, we texted fir 1 hour this Saturday, all cool. Got in the apartment, talked a bit, drinka asome water, went to shower, got out and got some fk and the BEST ORAL EVER. She kept sucking everything she found around for long time, CIM, and she kept sucking for a long time, trying really hard to get to the second one, but I dishonored by species, couldn't reached it as the first was just out of this world. Did I mention about this being the best oral ever? Because it wa
  6. Hello everine, I'm squeezing myself in with a littke review on my meeting with Laura. As I'm writing on the phone, I'm going to keep it short and cute (just like Laura ðŸ˜). So, on the 1st of December (La multi ani Romania! And muie psd!); I was the last to visit her on her trip, she says; we agreed on 90 minutes. We both kept our word, and there we were, at her location, near Julius Mall. A short, skinny af woman (~5ft, 90lbs) opened the door, and I was a little surprised, while she must have been afraid of that sketchy guy tall (and wide) as the door. We introduced ourselves, talked a littl
  7. Well hello there! After I've tried to reach Alice for a while, last time I finally caught her, twice in 2 days! First, I texted her to make an appointment, and she replied. We first discussed for 1 hour, but I arrived a little earlier, like 1 hour earlier, and she was free, so we agreed on 2 hours. Nice area around there, near the Palace Hall (?), can't wait to get me some Hora Brenchu there :) So, I reached her apartment and a beautiful little blonde girl with a cute smile answers. She invites me in, we introduce ourselves and talk a little bit. She has a nice apartment, but a little too s
  8. What's up bois?! Just passing by, after several encounters with Tasha after my last review, I decided to d-d-drop a few lines here, even if I don't know what to say about this walking fantasy boner-pill like person (this lowkey sounds offensive, didn't mean it like that), other than she is beautiful, young, funny and intelligent redhead. She is the first girl from all I visited (in Romania and abroad) that has straight 10s from me in my book, in every aspect you may think, like she is just like the perfect mistress: kisses since you walk in the door, until you go out, has the kind of jokes
  9. Well hello everyone, and may we all have a nice spring, hoping the winter won't backstab us, again. I woke up in the morning, and remembered that I didn't write a little review on my encounter with Andra... So it was 31st of January, and wanted to give myself a nice birthday present, so I looked on the forum for the hottest girl and sent a message, hoping she responds. And she diiiid!!! Little did I know that it was about to be a diasspointing meeting... because of me, not Andra, she's cool, find out why in the next installment. So, I was just shopping in the MegaMall and texted with her a lit
  10. Any girls around here in Zalau? Driving an hour and a half to Cluj seems just too much. Please help, I'm tired of spending time with Pamela HANDerson...
  11. Well hello my sinful brothers! A few days ago I visited Tasha, and I'm still in awe. Texted her via WhatsApp, as my spoken English is trashy, and she replied pretty fast, did the appointment in no-time. Reached her apartment pretty easily, Lidl Pantelimone, somewhat near the MegaMall. Parked in the Lidl's parking lot and went on my journey to see the princess, while we talked on the phone to guide me. Got there, and boy oh boy, jaw dropped. Behind the door was a beautiful young lady, tall and slim, with high heels, sexy outfit and cute bunny ears. We went to the living room and had a littl
  12. Well hello there, little nymphomaniacs. I don't really post reviews for the girls that I've visited, but when I do, better take it for granted. So, I've reached her flat pretty easy, right near Bucharest Vitan Mall, communication via SMS; and she was waiting me with a nice outfit, showing her really nice body. Talked for a few minutes, as my (spoken) English is bad as fuck, so we better went to action (also, I asked her what's her age, she said 49, couldn't fucking believe it, wish my wife had that nice body,also Alyna looks like 33 more than I do). Asked myself to take a quick shower, even
  13. I finally decided to write a (sort of) review here (sorry about the previous girls to whom I didn't write a review, you were all fine), but Betty was out of this world. Beautiful skinny blond girl, long legs, nice tattoos, perky ass and yummy boobs; if this isn't Heaven, I don't know what is. Easy communication via SMS and spoken, even if my English is trashy. So, after we exchanged a few texts, we managed to make an 'appointment'; and later on I reached her block <easy parking spots> and then went to her flat. Some hot girl opened the door, presented herself as 'Betty', and invited me t
  14. Hello. I'm Alex. I registered here long time ago but left Romania a few days after I registered and didn't have time to meet any of these wonderful girls or even write this message. Pleased to be back around. Now, can anyone recommend me, in private if it isn't possible here, some girls that speak English? Multumisc si o ziua buena!
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