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  1. I havent seen a topic about this Mistress yet so opening it. Saw Mistress add on publi24 , and made an appointment with Her. She is a stunning small petite appearance, with firey eyes that gets a man kneeling in no time. Sadly during the session i was not allowed to look at Her, cause i know those eyes would have pushed me further into submission even. Mistress does not have a big arsenal in toys yet, but she is very well engaged with the submissive. Sadly i can not have long lasting marks, cause she has wonderfull sharp long nails that could pierce skin. A
  2. Going over personal preference im order, 1,2,2,2. Though first 2 is a very close tie with 1.
  3. I visited Mistress last week. i was a bit early, but that was not a problem and i was invited upstairs. The reception was immaculate, was greeted by an awesome sight in a tight leather skirt, wonderfull long legs in stockings and high heels. After a soothing, calming talk and a smoke, Mistress dissapeared for a minute and came back in a lovely fishnet body, and was ordered to undress and get ready on the bed. The actions were relatively mild, in the soft region, but promises of harder were made for a next time. Understandably in order to gauge someone
  4. Use www.kinky.nl. with a translator off course
  5. Seeing the whip in the pictures, Do you also do domination as active?
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