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Basic info for a newcomer (reply to Czechsex)

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Since I can’t reply or comment on Czechsex’s post (or any other post in this section, I don’t know why) I’m opening a new post to reply to his questions, then if one of the Admins can fix the issue I’ll copy/paste this post in his thread. So, let’s begin:

  • Where to look for girls: personally I avoid Publi24 or Anuntul, too many fake ads/pictures. If I find something interesting there normally I crosscheck with the forum or I search the phone number on Google to see if the Ad or the girl is also present in the forum and if there are some reviews. If you rely on the Forum and the girls with many good reviews you’re almost good to go, Google Translate from Romanian to English works quite well so you can use it to translate the girls’s reviews (of course bad experiences can always happen even with Top Escorts for a variety of reasons, but this goes with the business risks).
  • Prices: Bucharest covers basically every possible budget, on average I’ve noticed that most of the girls charge from a minimum of 100/150 RON for 30 minutes/1 “finalizare” (I don’t know how to translate that in English) to 250/350 RON for 1 hour/2 “finalizare”.  As everything in life the more you can afford to pay more options you have to have a pleasant experience. Personally I’ve had great sex with a 150/200 RON girl and awful one with a 300/350 RON so what really matters are the girl’s “skills” and the chemistry you have with her (just don’t expect a Victoria’s secret model for 50/70 RON per hour, of course).
  • Incall/Outcall: yes, some escort work in rented apartments (Incall) while others can come to your place (Outcall). In my experience so far I’ve only visited Incall escorts so I can’t say which is better. It depends on your budget and how much you like to travel around the city (I don’t have a car so normally I choose girls around the city center or near Metro stations).
  • English speaking girls: yes, they exist! A quick way to spot them is to search “English” in the search bar of the Forum and then go through the results, otherwise you can also ask directly to girl when you contact her. On average if she worked outside Romania it’s possible that she speaks some English.
  • Some English speaking ladies I’ve been visiting recently with a good experience: Ruxy (https://nimfomane.com/forum/profile/335346-ruxysenzuala/) and Monika (https://nimfomane.com/forum/profile/345019-monikaa/), other girls unfortunately retired or moved to other cities so I can’t give you more names.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, bye!

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