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41 minutes ago, englezaBUC said:

anyone interested in watching porn together and jerking together?

Dobitocule, îți corectez io gafa majoră în raport de henglish, nu de alta dar te trădezi că eşti un troll imbecil: jerking off together! 

N-ai să înțelegi niciodată admonestarea, ceea ce nu e foarte grav, ptr că o să te reîncarnezi în altă veață cu chipul şi asemănarea falusului meu...


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I didn't make any mistake in relation to henglish anyway you are doing a tremendous job keeping the trolls at bay. well done you are the best!

just in case you do not understand I am being sarcastic so if you are not interested in being my jerking buddy you can move along but nice to hear from you nonetheless.


Also i wouldn't consider myself an imbecile troll or an idiot at best I am dyslexic so to anyone else i profusely grovel and beg for forgiveness for any grammatical mistake I may or may not have made

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10 minutes ago, englezaBUC said:

i should also point out my main interest is girls and my favorite porn is skinny

Îți traduc io ce-ai vrut să spui, henglezitule parvenit... 😉 
I'd love to point out that I'm interested in gals and my favs are the skinny ones.
Dear jackass, Depresivule moron, tre să-ți mărturisesc în timp ce-mi sugi în henglish lancea că, strategically bolding the title "I'm looking for a fuck buddy" seems to me way more appropriate, appealing and inspiring to whoever might be interested in what you're looking for, which is as far as I understand : jerking together off till the morning dawn...:)))
In Holland we whisper now and then to whom lend us an ear a nasty and harsh saying related to this fag males practice of humping eachother all night long in the love cradle, we call it "elke eikel zoekt een eikel" :)))
Concluzia e numai una şi e foarte simplă: suck my dick and call me bitch! :))))
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