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Table ...

The phone rang. I picked up the phone. It was a neighbor below me. Brunette of the 30s. She had a body like a man's fairy tale. As soon as you see her you start drooling up and down. Simply in the wet fat when you see her you would hammer her dick on the ceiling as much as he arouses. Of course only in fat. Everyone in the building was fucking with her. Who wouldn't be next to that Venus. * fuck the whole Milky Way, just to feel it. And so she called me. She and I had a pure neighborly relationship. She had a little son so I knew how to look after him. So he would call me for coffee and talk about everything a bit. Her husband was on the field non-stop. Her story, I didn't even ask much. Married woman, child, forget it. I could only fantasize about her in the shower. Which I did. Who would not.

I answered the phone. He asked me how I was and if I had a table planned because it was Saturday. I answered no. Then she asked me if I would go with her to the furniture salon to get the table she had bought, but there was no van to tow it. I told her she could, just to get ready. He'll be waiting for me at the van.

I went outside and saw her. She was wearing that summer vest, cleavage to get lost. Of course, not everything can be seen, so it still drives you crazy. And tight jeans that outlined all the curves of her ass. When you look at it, you have the impression that it was created in one go. No braking pen or brush. I opened the van door for her and let her sit down. She sat up and tied herself up right away, looking at me with a smile. As we drove we talked about that table and what it was doing and where it was yesterday. During the ride, he happened to touch me on the shoulder with his hand or look defiantly. And I shit with fear. The crazy dick starts to rise, so then I think the horror movie falls. Because it would be embarrassing for me to see me driving her dick up. And so we reached the salon.
I set that table in the dining room. And I sat behind him, resting a little while she came out of the spa. With thoughts of her in the shower. It wasn't even 15 minutes before she came out of the spa in a thin bathrobe. What a look, what a drop from my hair and that knee-length coat. And it's not very closed, it's just missing 1mm so that everything slips off it. She sees that I yawned. And he came to the table. He ran his index finger over the edge of the table. She held her lower lip with her teeth and looked at me sharply. It's like they're going to crush me in one piece. And, if the dick grows, it only grows. And here she is, I got up. I asked if she was happy with the job done. Answer yes, but there is still something unfinished. What, I asked. Don't answer anything. Suddenly he took me by the collar and pulled me to him. And his tongue runs from my chin to my eyes on both cheeks. He squeezed my ass and put one of my hands on his ass. And he said, this is unfinished. I didn't have time to answer, but she massaged my throat with her tongue and bit her lips with her teeth. Neighbor, since I want you. You have no idea. I've been waiting for this day. I know you're shy and scared. That turned me on with you. Ohhhh, how happy I am, I can’t wait to feel you inside me. She whispered that as she took me all down in 3 strokes. She pulled it with her hand, squeezed my other ass and worked her mouth and neck with her tongue. She was really hungry for fuck. You could see it undressing me and eating. She just ripped it all off and threw it around. She treated me like that for 10 minutes. I squeezed her, put my hand under her coat and massaged her pussy and ass. Out of passion, I don't know how to caress as soon as possible. I was missing 4 more hands as she was hungry.
She stopped kissing, stopped and took off her coat. He threw it and the goddess appeared. The breasts were already ready, the nipples like spears. He grabbed me by the neck and told my father to drive me crazy with his tongue. He said that and sat down at the new table. He spreads his pussy lips with 2 fingers and strokes the germ with his thumb. He pulls me by the head to the pizza with one hand and orders her to lick it now. I listened to her, there is no other. I spread her legs as wide as I could. She clung to her ankles. And, with the tip of my tongue, I walked down Pizza Canyon. I licked her lips of her hot and salivating juice and gently penetrated my tongue deeper and deeper. She just sighed and sucked my middle finger. Which way would bite him. That's why I would bite and suck her germ. On that, she would drive my head even harder into the pizza. I exclaimed as I ran my tongue around her and bit my lips with the germ. Along the way, I pushed my finger and jerked the germ with my thumb as I sucked her. She writhed more and more and squeezed my head. She sighed like a locomotive and spoke, I knew you would break my tongue. * fuck me with him, * fuck. I want to explode under your tongue. She said that and squirmed under him like an eel. I chewed all her pussy now and crossed that pizza road with my tongue from anus to germ. How many times would I give her a finger to lick her juice out of me while I jerked her crazy with my tongue and that volcano of passion was getting more and more to its climax. So she started shaking and cumming in her cramps under her tongue, she squeezed my head like a squeak. And, I held her by the ass which was hot and wet from my licking. I enjoyed as she cummed under my tongue. She got up from the table and leaned over to me, pulled her head and stuck out her tongue. Jooj, what I missed, I don't want my neighbors anymore. I want you to fuck me like this whenever we have time. As she said this, she was already jerking off a crazy dick, which was just drooling.
He pulls me for him and says, and now, baby, you're going to get yours. She stretched out on the table and I came over her head. She held my dick and pricked the top with her tongue laughing a bit. And circled lightly over his head. Which has long been hot and salivating. It drove me crazy and drew him deeper and deeper into me. I thought I was going to explode from that smoking. Most of all, she liked to run her tongue from root to tip, then clench her head with her teeth and close that opening with her tongue. Uhhh, I sighed like a horse, I can't anymore. And she would bite him when I said that, just a little longer. I've wanted it for a long time. She kept smoking it crazy while I jerked her pussy with my thumb. This "torture" of my dick lasted for a few more minutes, so that she would get up and say, now stick it in my pussy, she was quite without him. She turned on her back, pulled the pizza to the edge of the table and dragged my dick to it. A couple of times she slapped the pizza with her head and then just shoved it into her. It was crazy, I threw my legs over my shoulders and spread it as wide as I could and I nailed it like I was nailing a slant in a basketball. Violent and merciless, not as fast as a rabbit. Than to feel every dick's vein and vein in his hot canyon. She just gasped and stuck her fingers in my ass more and more. Blood was already beginning to flow from that grip. But I enjoyed it as I ripped her pussy with it. She was hungry for dick, she just knew how to thicken it best. She got up to me and with his dick in her, she stuck her tongue in my mouth and her finger in my ass. At that moment, I screamed and shoved him into her, thinking that I would pierce her. She was all wet and slimy and she told me, I wanted soooo much, what a fucker you are that you don't even know, no one has put it on me yet. Give me so little more, so I want to fuck her off her ass and her. I don't remember when I got it in my ass. But did you ever fuck in the ass, he asked me. I said who was not from the cannon. She pulled it out of her, pulled me away, and knelt on her knees. She swallowed it and started smoking as if it were the last thing in her life.
She sucked him like crazy. Mmmm, he's good, he'll fuck me from now on. I knew you were shy, but I didn't fuck so well. I'm just not roaring. In myself, so who will endure that pizza. As she smoked it so I held her head and massaged her nipples. She enjoyed it. He stopped smoking and told me to come here. He grabbed his dick and led her into the living room. They climbed onto the couch and knelt with their buttocks facing me. And she orders me to lick her ass and jerk off her pussy. There is no choice but to listen. I knelt on the floor and started licking her ass and fucking my tongue. I held her ass with one hand, jerking off her germ with the other. She held my head and pushed me deeper and deeper into my ass. She enjoyed licking her ass. As I licked her like that, she pulled out a vibrator under her pillow. And just say, shove it in your pussy please, my ass is still licking. Mmmmm, I licked and fucked my pussy with a vibrator. She just held on to her tits and moaned. After a few minutes she told me to push her middle finger into her ass and fuck him with it. He obeyed her wish and gently pushed the middle one into her ass. Before that, I dipped it in my pussy and lubricated it with her juice. To get her finger licked, so I had to again. And so I was now fucking her with a vibrator in my pussy and finger ass. Jooooooj what are you doing my neighbor. Fuck me as I love and want. My dream is for another one to fuck me with you. You will help me in that neighbor. I will, I said. Get everything out of me now my dear. I want you to fuck me in the ass. Let me give it a little more, then nail it to me. While you're fucking me in the ass, I'll fuck my pussy with a vibrator. You do not mind. He just told her no and breathed her dick to suck it. She sucked on it for a few minutes, took it out and tugged on his dick. I took her by the hips, dipped my head in her pussy a little and then brought it to my ass. I was a little scared then. I never fucked a dead end. She saw it on me and told me, just push it lightly. Don't be afraid, darling, you'll be sweetened. So it would be, I pushed him lightly. He enters somehow. And I started pushing him deeper and deeper. It hurt a little. But the deeper I went, the more passionate and crazy I became. She squirmed under him and pounded her pussy with a vibrator.
I started quickly shoving it up her ass. She moaned quickly. She began to pounce on him with her ass. So I straightened her up a bit and held her tits as I bit her neck in that fucking rapture. What a paradise, fuck my handjob dream and that's it. I was pounding him so crazy, she started falling into a trance. Even if he took it out a few times, and then suddenly threw it into the supine, then he would go crazy. Just a little darling, fuck me, fuck. Don't stop with that dick. Uhhh, I was close too. We were in that position as one. You could just see the dick coming in and out. My balls were blue from her ass and her squeezing them. I fucked her like that for a while longer. For her to ask me where I want to end up. I answered where she wanted. She said, a little to her father's pussy, a little on her chest. And now turn me on my back and give it to my pussy again. We called as I turned her around and pushed him into her pussy again. She chirped with happiness. I fucked her a little more like that. And the devil pushed my finger into my ass again and then I got a tilt. I nailed her so hard she screamed like I was slaughtering her. And she squeezed him even harder, she cummed grunting. The moment the grip of her pussy loosened a little, my volcano erupted. Two or three jets flew from me into her, her hatch. Quickly better solitary anyway, I took it out and sucked it all on my tits. I rubbed everything on my nipples with my head. I was in 7th heaven. She laughed, took him in her arms and licked the last drop. They called me with their finger, and he took me by the head and put his tongue full of juice in my mouth. He kissed me like that and later said, dear, we share everything. So we stayed hugged and kissed a little more. She told me, from now on you fuck me whenever I'm alone. Do you have
you wish a neighbor. I have yes. But fuck two. She laughed and just said, if you keep fucking like this, then you're gonna fuck us both. Who is the other I asked. You don't care, go take a shower now. You'll see when you fuck us. I got up and went to the shower with thoughts, what it is and how it reads me. After a few minutes, she came in the shower. We continued further into the night ...

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Prietene, vorbești limba engleza cel puțin la fel de bine cum vorbește dancilă limba română! 

Spune-mi macar ca ai vrut sa te dai cosmopolit și ai ars-o cu google translate, ca mai speli din rușine! 😅

Ia încearcă și în limba romana, poate iese ceva. 

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Acum 16 minute, tzipiripi a spus:

Prietene, vorbești limba engleza cel puțin la fel de bine cum vorbește dancilă limba română! 


Nu Iohannis voiai sa spui? :D

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