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La 07.01.2022 la 13:00, Miruna2 a spus:

Bună, ma numesc Miruna am 23 de ani 1.60 inaltime 51 kg,  lucrez în domeniu de 4 ani, îmi place socializez și sa cunosc oameni noi.  

Servicile mele sunt

Sex oral neprotejat cu finalizare orala. 

Sex normal protejat. 

Sex anal protejat. 

Sex între sâni. 


Dominare soft. 

Dominare hard. 

Uro activa. 

Tarif:  150 lei finalizarea ( 30 min) 

Tarfi:  300 ora  ( 60 min) 

Locație :  Bulevardul Mărășești nr 42 bloc 1 scara 4

Telefon : 0749 876 842








Succes ! Un anunț corect ! 

O să îmi fac timp să se vizitez ! 

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Am ajuns si eu la acest ghiomotoc😄de fata, programare făcută pe WP, respectata. Intrat in locație si zărit după usa o fetița micuța si firava, frumușică la fata si foarte prietenoasa. Are maxim 160cm,

Te rog sa faci dus.  Nuuuuuuuuuu nu fac dus!! Nu am venit sa fac dus!!!  Si a fugit pe usa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Daca il mai prind la mine, voi arunca o galeata de apa pe el, sunt curioasa daca se fa

Va salut, cu respect! Am vizitat-o si eu pe Miruna aseara, pentru o ora (21:00-22:00), si va pot spune ca am avut parte de o experienta foarte frumoasa. Miruna este o fata miniona, foarte fr

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salut, sunt pe cale sa postez prima mea recenzie mai serioasa pe acest site

am fost la Miruna acum cateva ore. stabilit programare, sunat cand am ajuns la fata locului, programare respectata desi eu am intarziat vreo 10 minute.

extrem de amabila la fata locului, dar si la telefon.

micuta de statura, simpatica tare.

achitat cadoul la inceput din prima initiativa, iar apoi am fost pana la baie, pentru o scurta reimprospatare.

din nou, extrem de amabila. m-a vazut obosit si inghetat (dupa cautarea frenetica a unui bancomat in zona), si m-a invitat sa ma asez jos, sa-mi trag putin sufletul.

a inceput cu un oral absolut minunat, cu atentie unde trebuie si cat trebuie, cu multa saliva si cu priviri aruncate inspre mine.

este extrem de frumoasa la fata si are o dantura frumoasa si buze carnoase.

apoi am continuat cu un anal care m-a dat pe spate. din norocul (sau nenorocul, cand vine vorba de anal) meu, sunt bine inzestrat de natura, atat pe lungime, cat si pe grosime. ea, desi mica, m-a primit impecabil, total neasteptat pentru mine. am pompat cu spor iar cateva minute am terminat. analul, moartea mea. chiar parea ca ii place si mi-a confirmat asta.

apoi, dand sa ma imbrac sa plec, m-a oprit si mi-a zis ca nu am de ce sa ma grabesc si ca a observat ca multi barbati au instinctul asta. am mai stat la o tigara si am vorbit una alta. nu m-am simtit grabit nici o secunda si chiar a fost o experienta placuta cap coada. nu stiu cat am stat d2d, dar probil mai mult decat pentru cat am achitat.

10/10 din partea mea. daca va comportati frumos cu ea, sunt convins ca veti avea o parte de o experienta foarte, foarte buna.

semnat, baiatul cu tatuaje, @Miruna2

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Just now, jackadams33 said:

what kind of question is that? it felt like the asshole of a 20-something, petite girl should feel like. right on point.

Yeah no problem. Some girls have a really stretched ass. 

I like when it is tight and you can feel more. 

Anyway thanks again for the info, I will probably visit her soon. 

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A hidden gem!

So okay, today I really felt like I want some.

And this time I wanted something different. I wanted some good ass, you know what it is is.

So I went to met this girl, she made me wait 15 minutes outside, but in short it was WORTH THE WAIT.

She does not speak english and it was hard to make her answer me for the first message, but when we met it was actually really nice.

Locatio: 7.5 The apartment is clean and big enough. But the water is not really hot, and it is not luxury but whatever.
Aspect: 8,5 She is not a model or a doll but she has a very very nice face in my opinion, big breasts, a little bit saggy but nothing wrong. The room was a little dark but she seemed like a really nice girl.
ON: 9 Great blowjob, she can go deep, but not too deep but it is because she has a little mouth which can be a good thing because you feel it more in her mouth. The little inconvenient is you feel a little bit of teeth but it was still really great.
Attitude:10 She is very kind and willing to please. She told me she loves anal I was very surprised, she kept asking if I was satisfied. And she loved my dick size and even gave me many good comments. 
AP: 10 Her anus is not the smallest, but she is experienced and she can be fucked HARD. She loves it and moan a lot. She was able to take ALL MY DICK inside. Only a few girls can do it.

Hygiene: 10 She is very clean and nice.

Note: 10 I have to give this a TEN, why? Because the value and services are simply OUTSTANDING. She is definitely in my top list and I will revisit her.

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31 minutes ago, jackadams33 said:

so you trusted me, clement! hahah

now I'm waiting for the frustrated guys to tell me that I'm a "fish", lmao

Well she is actually nice

And she behaved really good with me even though she made a mistake 

It was like she had a good time, and she performed well


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