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Hello there foreigners and welcome aboard!
On this page we are going to translate you the rules and we`re going to explain you how our board runs in order to make your life easier.

You can change the language board to ENGLISH by clicking the flag -->

These are the board rules:

-this is an adult website and the minimum age required is 18 years old. If you do not have 18 years old you are not welcome here (yet)
-please no threatening, abusive or harassing comments to girls or other members
-multiple accounts are not allow. When we discover them we ban them all
-discussions or asking about underage ladies/Ts/couples results immediately permanent ban.
-posting fake reports result permanent ban
-Posting links to other escort sites are allow as long as they are useful for the community. We allow ONLY free site links. Spamming the community with paid sites,affiliate codes, pills sites,paid dating sites and other crap results permanent banning and topics deletion.
-please treat the ladies nicely
-feel free to post your reviews/questions in english, there`s no problem at all. Many of us understand the english language, especially when there are involved reports/reviews,escort girls and massage parlors.

escorteWe have created a new sub-forum 100% exclusive for foreigners - click here to access it

Each review need to contain the details posted bellow:

- The lady`s ads (where did you get her ads,from what website etc)
- Photos (if the lady already have pictures in her thread, no need to uploud them anymore)
- The price
- Location: how it is, details about location,roomates and other useful info
- Services she perform during the meeting
- Details about her looking - how she was dress, how she speaking , how she`s looking
- Meeting explain - all details it matters for everybody
- The final conclusion, if you did like the meeting or not and if you recommend her or not

< Member Ranks

1.Curvar Ucenic - translate in english means Apprentice members- It is the smallest member group. The members from this group can read and posts without any restriction in sub-forums from our message board. Also members from this group can view the pictures from girls`s topics. What members from this group cannot do : cant send Private Message to other members,cannot vote in polls,cannot give reputation points,cant see girl`s videos,cant see photos from Gallery, cant use chat application and cant create personal blogs as well.

2.Maistru Curvar - is the next member group from our forum. Members from this group have almoust all restriction posted for the previously group except they can create personal Blogs.

3.Serious Contributor
You can promote to this member group by posting reviews and receiving 15 positive reputation points from other high-ranking members. Members from this group have the bellow permissions:
-can use the search function without time limit
-unlimited PM
-acces to blogs,pics Gallery,videos
-can acces the public chat section
-access the reputation points system by giving 3 positive points and 2 negative points via 24 hours.

3.VIP Member
You can promote to this group by having at least 10 written reviews and at least 25 positive reputation points received from other users.
Members from this group have the permissions:
-can use the search function without time limit
-can access PM
-acces to blogs,videos,Gallery
-can acces the public chat section
-access the reputation points system. Members from this group can give daily: 40 positive reputation points and 5 negative ones.
-no more annoying ads. Our forum will be 100% clean

4.Platinum Members
This is the highest member group from our forum. Being a stable member,posting regulary,visiting ladies often can bring you here. Only us, the moderators, can promote VIP members to this member group. There are same permission as the VIP Member group except you are allow to give more reputation points per day: 50

3.Premium Members - this is the paid group. Members from this group have permissions:
-can use the search function without time limit
-can access PM
-acces to blogs,videos,gallery
-can acces the public chat section
-access the reputation points system
-no more annoying ads. Our forum will be 100% clean
The monthly membership cost 4 euro via SMS or credit card and it can be paid HERE

4.Escorta - this is the escort girls member group. The girls are move to this member group only after we verify them. The girls cannot give any reputation points to other members , they only can receive from members. They have acces to PM and chat to be able to disscuss with clients.

5.Femeie cu atitudine - this is the group for females (not escort ladies). We encourage the ordinary girls to register and taking part to our community and maybe, we can do some business with them, why not?

The forum structure
Regulament si anunturi administrative = Rules and regulations
Tutoriale si alte ghiduri practice = Tutorial section. You can find here how to open threads,how can you publish pictures etc
Orientare, Consiliere si Informare = question and asking section. This is the section where you can ask for recomandation only for Bucharest city.
Top Escorte Bucuresti = High Ranking ladies from bucharest. Ladies with at least 5 positive reports from high ranking members (minim seriuos contributors group continuing with vip members and platinum members)
Escorte Testate Bucuresti = Verified Girls section - girls with minim 1 report , only from bucharest city
Escorte din alte orase = Ladies from other towns. Here you can find sections for almoust every town in Romania.
Escorte din alte tari - ladies from other countries than romania
Escorte de evitat- shit list. Girls with fake photos,nasty atitude,girls who stealing,self written reports so on so far.All of them are from Bucharest
Masaj erotic - massage parlor sub-forum from bucharest
Dominare , stapane, fetish - bdsm sub-forum
Transsexuale si TV - shemale,tranny sub-forum
Gigolo Romania - male escort sub-forum - only for ladies
Cazare Romania - tourist accommodation,hotels list etc
Discutii Generale - offtopic discussions
Lista cu clienti tepari si hoti - only escort ladies are allow here. This is the section where girls share togheter information about bad punters.
Arhiva - the archive with closed threads,old discussions
Administratori si Moderatori- moderators sub-forum only.