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  1. Salutare! I have visited Jessy last weekend and it was really nice meeting! But let start from beginning. Around 3 weeks ago i text here to setup meeting, but she doesn't had a free spot After few days she text me that she will be available and if i want i can come. I dint expect that, she text me by her salve and she invited me for sex! That was really nice of her! I keep in mind her invitation and few days ago i found time to visit her. I setup the meeting via whataap without any complication. I came 15 minutes delay but that was not a problem, she allow me to stay full 30 minutes th
  2. One of the rare photos where Bianca is fully dressed :D Have an awesome weekend! Traducere (google): Una dintre fotografiile rare în care Bianca este complet îmbrăcată :D Să aveți un weekend minunat!
  3. That was my second meeting with her and was much batter that first one, where first was already very nice meeting :) We set up meeting day before. I took a shower, ordered uber and i was there with 10 minutes delay because of traffic. She welcomed me with kisses and hugs. We start with small talk. We went to her room to have some fun. She got the the bed like a cat, with showing her nice ass, God, what a view, she know how to look sexy!! We started with french kisses, then i lay her down and I licked her sweet pussy, it was so pleasure to licked it. We switch and she blowed me, then she put
  4. Salut, I have visited Irina a few days ago. What I can say, I set up a meeting a day before, She is speaking English so contact was good ;) When I reach the palace that I received on the app, she gave me a code to a door and I climbing up to meet her. Wow!! she looks really nice and sweet, like a friend who has been waited for you. She welcomes me with a smile and kindness. We set in the waiting room, she recommended water to drink, and other stuff, i just took water, hahah. Anyway, I gave her money, she didn't even ask for it, but I wanted to be ok with her at the very beginning. She offe
  5. haha, actually you are right :P i just read that again and i just cannot believe how i wrote that. Next time i will read more carefully before will post something ;)
  6. Hi guys! I met with her yesterday and it was my second time in her bed. I stayed 1h. She greeted me with smile and kisses. She looked nice and sexy! After small talk she make me blowjob (protected) without teeth and hands, it was nice wet and quite deep. It wasn't take long, cause i wanted to taste her pussy, so we switch position and i ate her for few minutes and telling you it was really clean and tasty! Then we moved to sex. Girl is open for any suggestions during the sex. Still, is hard to guess if she like hard or soft sex, cause she didn't say nothing cause she doesn't want me disappoi
  7. That's my first recommendation. I have visited today Annemona, WOW! Girl is very nice, sweet and pretty. We had a problem a bit with communication as she don't speak English but Google translate helped, hahah :lol: At the beginning she offered me a clean towel, but as i already took shower at home i didn't use bathroom. She is really positive and open minded for proposition and take initiative as well. You can feel like with a friend when you fuck. We make 3 potions, she love doggy style! I paid for 30 minutes, but in reality was around 20 cause i was hurry, but i didn't feel a pressure to
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