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  1. Unele detalii ar fi minunate - dar în primul rând multe distracții ;o))
  2. Buna, Are cineva experiență cu Maria06??
  3. la noi în Germania vor rămâne închise câteva luni.
  4. Actually is complicate in Germany because in a few areas escort and appartment is allowed, in other areas is not. in Limburg for example is forbidden, so you will find less girls. I am not allowed to send links here, so copy/ paste this: www.ladies.de/limburg-lahn/sex-anzeigen/huren-hostessen?umkreis=30 In other areas like Lower Saxony is allowed. www.ladies.de/hannover/sex-anzeigen/huren-hostessen
  5. Hi, normally I would advice you to go to Finca Erotica, Dierdorf or to FKK World, Pohlheim but all clubs are closed because of Corona. You can try these, but I don´t have information about the girls. www.ladies.de/limburg-lahn/sex-anzeigen/huren-hostessen?umkreis=20
  6. Hello Together, I´m from Germany and I spend a lot of time with our "hobby" before this fucking Corona. I think over the years I know more romaninan girls then german :138x So...if somebody need information don´t hesitate to ask me. I wish all members here a good fuck!!!
  7. Hello everyone... Let's get ready to rumbleðŸ˜
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