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  1. I used to use this forum maybe 4 or 5 years ago back then it was a nice place. now i see its not all I see is mean trolls and BS this should be a place for like minded to come together but as usual it just turn into a place for haters and divisionists. its a sad state of affairs specifically to tolerans_yok good luck in your life i am pretty sure your going to need it. respond how you like i am not going to be reading so you might aswell have a rib or three removed so you can spend your time sucking your own dick
  2. i should also point out my main interest is girls and my favorite porn is skinny
  3. to speed17 it has to start somewhere
  4. I didn't make any mistake in relation to henglish anyway you are doing a tremendous job keeping the trolls at bay. well done you are the best! just in case you do not understand I am being sarcastic so if you are not interested in being my jerking buddy you can move along but nice to hear from you nonetheless. Also i wouldn't consider myself an imbecile troll or an idiot at best I am dyslexic so to anyone else i profusely grovel and beg for forgiveness for any grammatical mistake I may or may not have made
  5. anyone interested in watching porn together and jerking together?
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