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  1. You can visit her in Timisoara
  2. Enough has already been written here, so just a few words. This beautiful and nice girl is worth a visit. There are no boundaries with ON, she puts it deep in her throat and it's super wet. Fans of such porn experience will really enjoy it. Thanks @tyson97
  3. I visited this girl and I will leave a short review. Right from the start it is useful that she speaks English, so we could communicate 🙂 In appearance, she is a "little classmate from high school", such a nice girl. She asked what I like, what to use in the practices and what not. it means that she is interested in the customer being satisfied, no "fast fuck and goodbye". if any girl deserves 10 for ON, it's definitely @Misha12 ON - many styles, it was wet, deep and persistent. She is also very active at the NP, the position from behind is superb. Very pleasant meeting for 300 lei per hour. Thank you
  4. OK guys, I'm here with a review. Communication and planning the meeting without problems, she immediately gave me the address - I'm not from the city, so it was easier for me to get there. It was great that she also speaks English, so we didn't have to have silent sex. I took a shower and go to the office. Girl is tall, she had nice underwear, the atmosphere was relaxing, no rush, she slowly undressed and went to work. I positively evaluate the quality of ON, then we changed 2 positions and I finished from the back. You can see in the photos how Sara looks in reality, her face is pretty, I think you will like her. Men who love big breasts or small girls up to 160 cm probably won't come for her. In my opinion a very well done job and for the price of 150/fin it is great value for money.
  5. Today I was lucky and visited this girl. She was a bit surprised at first because she doesn't speak english and i don't speak romanian, but it was ok. We understood each other in the bedroom and communicated a little thanks to the translator 😆 Sarah looks great, and what I like is that she was in a good mood and smiling the whole time. I visited her for one hour for 250 lei. She offered me a good OP, but of course I liked it better in her tight pussy. Thanks to her nice demeanor, atmosphere and good sex, I had no problem with making 2 fins. This girl is a hidden treasure and has a GFE factor of at least 10/10. Thank you for your time, I hope to meet you again 🙂
  6. Hey friend, I'm glad you had a good time. Amalia is a really great girl, 11/10 🙂
  7. I visited this girl again, my review from the past still stands. Amalia looks beautiful, she was waiting on me dressed in an innocent white robe. Today I also had her breasts at my disposal, so the sensation was very intense. I completed two finishes. The girl behaves politely and professionally all the time. if anyone is considering, I definitely recommend her. I don't know if there is a better offer on the market for 300 lei / hour with such a beautiful, nice girl. Thanks, see you soon 🙂
  8. I had the opportunity to visit @nicole22 and it was really great. yes, the girl has a naturally high GFE factor, which sets a great mood right from the start. Although she do not speak English well, our bodies understand each other, the girl is sincerely trying and interested in making your day more beautiful. Thank you, It was superb with you. See you again 🙂
  9. I visited a girl, a nice clean apartment. The face of the average girl, but that body! She looks great on the photos, but when you have it available and you can touch her, it's even better. A short conversation in English and the girl started ON, which was ordinary, average quality. NP with selection and change of positions, the girl is quite quiet and not very GFE. I didn't mind, but she works with a dog in the room. I chose the girl because of the beautiful body she got. Who searches for the same will not be disappointed.
  10. So today I managed to visit the girl. At first I had a problem finding her apartment, but the girl was helpful. Beautiful girl opens the door. I think she is even nicer than I thought from the photos - this is exactly the type that a screenwriter needs for a film from a university / high school, where teenagers are fighting for one girl 😁 Another advantage is that she knows English. So she show me where the bathroom is, I take a shower and get to work. Otherwise, the apartment near KFC is clean, the water is hot. Rebecca also told me what the rules of the game are ( no CIM etc, but no problem for me). The girl is very tiny and tight, so I need to carefully manipulate my cock in her 😆 actively changing positions. Definitely worth a try, I didn't notice any problem.
  11. So boys, i'm here with a review. I had an appointment with the girl for yesterday, but it didn't work out. It annoyed me for a while, but she immediately suggested a replacement date for today. Nice clean apartment, the girl exactly as in the photos. The big advantage for me was that she speak English fluently. I had a very good debate with her, she is a sensible, educated girl. ON was in standard quality. What I would highlight most is that the girl has the tightest pussy I could ever try. I felt like she was squeezing my dick completely and it was really intense, I didn't expect anything like that 😁 Yes, she has a full calendar and it is definitely not easy to get to, it may only take longer to write back, but that's fine, at least she doesn't have a phone in hand when it takes care of the customer. The girl is definitely worth a try, you won't regret it when you get to her.
  12. This girl has beautiful photos so it was clear that I had to visit her. A pretty girl in a sexy outfit opens the door, she doesn't speak English and I don't speak Romanian either, so we communicate with our hands. Adela was in a very positive mood from the beginning, smiling, having fun.. I take a mandatory shower and then take me to bed. After OP, she sits on me and actively rides, it was interesting and unusual. We change two more positions and with the view of her small ass I end. Another excellent experience and who is undecided, I definitely recommend visiting this smiling girl.
  13. I met this girl and it made me a nice evening. On the photos you see a beautiful girl, the reality is even better. Began with oral work, which is sufficiently variable, deep and wet, paying attention to every part of the "body". Then we change to normal. Even during that she is active, there is simply nothing to complain about. Thank you very much and I hope to meet you again.
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