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  1. Hello @loriii536 i try to book a meeting with you, but it looks impossible withour romanian phone number. I write you on WhatsApp, if it is possible with some other way. thanks
  2. Thx my friend, so this girl is on my "must have" list now. 👏
  3. At least photos you have are one of the best on this website. When I will be in the city, be sure i will visit you 😛😘
  4. I totally agree with this. Friends, dedicate your energy to what we are here for - visiting beautiful girls and then writing reviews. that is the meaning of the forum. I like to come here to read the reviews you have written, and often the reviews from Mr. @clement mic have helped one of us. Girls, devote your energy and time to the boys and do not make unnecessary wrinkles. 😘
  5. Hello girls and friends, i love Romania and this great forum. Please, be proud that it works here, many other countries have nothing like that. It's great when they can and want to discuss girls and their customers together. I also read many review, also from a colleague @clement mic and accordingly I decided which young lady to go to. everyone can express themselves freely and everyone can decide freely. we are all in this great forum voluntarily and for the purpose of pleasant experiences, so please do not spoil the atmosphere unnecessarily. See you soon, Bucharest 😜😍
  6. oh fuck, this is so hot and flawless 😯 😛
  7. yes, poland - there has been a change in the last period, the main website offering the girls has ended, a new website is now starting and there is a bit of chaos. Bulgaria brings a lot of lying profiles, but again, girls who mean it seriously have no problem making a video call with you ... many of them come to the hotel, so it's probably a better and safer option. as you write, the girls probably go home, to the family, or just rest - and thats great - they prefer to rest and have energy, as if they had to work tired and without mood. Hungary is a big pr
  8. Hi, my friend. The last approximately 3 weeks I traveled a lot within Europe (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland) and I visited cities where it was usually not a problem to find many young pretty girls. The offer in the cities dropped by about 80 percent, so from the regular offer of about 40-50 girls that I was willing to meet, there were maybe 8-10 of them available (And they was busy, of course). I think, and I hope, that the current situation is caused by the holidays, and in the near future it will return to normal. Soon I will be back in Bucharest, so I'm looking forward to a new
  9. Hey baby, why it is one hour more expensive, then 30 + 30 minutes? Some mistake, or what?
  10. Hello baby, I like to know about the size of your shoes, but I'm much more interested in your boobs, so please tell me more about them 😈 Thanks
  11. Agreement with the girl via whatsapp, no problem. The problem was, when I arrived at the approximate address and did not know which was the right entrance to her office. Happily the girl is calm and she guided me, she had patience with me - in another country the girl would make me feel incapable and canceled the meeting - even for this approach I like the girls from Romania. When I finally got to the correct door, a beautiful girl was waiting for me - her boobs get the most attention. Quick shower. During oral sex with protection, I did not notice any bad work with the hand you are
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