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  1. Sunt singurul care consideră că majoritatea fetelor s-au îngrășat recent și, de asemenea, încearcă să mărească prețurile? Au chiar mai puțină muncă și încearcă să compenseze prețurile mai mari
  2. What's so strange? He speaks English and French and asks... When I contact a girl I also ask if she speaks English, German or Russian? The languages I can, I've seen some girls who don't speak English, but German and few of the Moldovans speak Russian
  3. Good for her, bad for us... For me, she was the discovery of the year
  4. Vara trecută la acest lukoil erau doar una, brunetă cu trup ucigaș, sub 25 de ani, mi-a spus că este mixtă (mamă albă, etnie tată) prețuri 50/80, dar nu am văzut-o anul acesta
  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... From my sight she is beautiful and her kg fits perfect. Everybody has different tastes
  6. No WhatsApp again, damn hard times for us, who don't speak Romanian...
  7. I stopped to a girl last summer on DNCB, regarding her look she doesn't belong there, tall, slim, dress, heels, make up, I took her for a blowjob (I still sorry I didn't fuck her) as I don't speak Romanian, asked her about English, she said she speaks Greek, so it's possible to find one
  8. Când va împlini 18 ani, o voi vizita, pizda tânără este o pănă
  9. Agreed. As I have a rule of thumb for not visiting any escort second time, with her I broke my rule and visited her at least three times, maybe more and make plans on visiting her again... She is an ESCORT, not a prostitute (there is difference between both words) Those legs, ass, waist, face and attitude, compensate for the small breasts
  10. She lowered the price and removed anal? Or am I not translating correctly?
  11. She lowered the price and removed anal? Or am I not translating correctly?
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