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  1. Again the same post you keep repeating 10000 times So pathetic, I actually feel sorry for you You probably dropped on the floor as a baby 😂 Hey Renesmee, you give me all the attention but a client is waiting at the door, go suck another dick and get your ass banged by a 70 years old grandpa He is like bill gates, for him 400 lei is nothing 😂😂😂 haha i am dying laughing You are the funniest thing that happened in my life... a real clown Thank you Renesmee for all the tears of joy
  2. a lot of blah blah blah I don't have time to read your messages, sorry bitch haha But I am definitely laughing at you... I don't even need to pay you for your time, you spend hours,days,weeks on my page 😂😂 It is so hilarious... You need to get over it and move on in your life young girl bitch
  3. I am just so glad this topic is in the LUX section of the forum now 😂😂 So much time wasted
  4. yeah that's what your ex told me, you had a small dick But she loved my dick so much she could not stop having orgasms If you do not believe me you can ask her You can even ask her how big it felt in her pussy and mouth, I don't care Find better things to do in your life, educate yourself, build a business You do not need to quote me everyday and be on my dick everyday You are acting like a good dog right now, sick them balls!!! Hahaha and you thought you could hurt a black man about dick size it is so funny 😂 I bet your dick is so small you cannot even
  5. Oh come on, I am not even the biggest poster here!!! People keep sharing music, I share mine too! What's wrong with that I am not doing this all day
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