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  1. I still do not judge, I do not have nothing against you in particular I am just saying my opinion according to things I have seen
  2. I am not even talking for me, because me I have money I am just saying people in general A lot of rich people ruin girls in different countries by giving them too much money, then the girls get more and more greedy and we get less services for more money I have seen it happening, I have been all over the world!
  3. Well I can not lie that I had a lot of fun with the Top escorts and some escorts in " Escorte Testate Bucuresti" here They were all very good and provided very good service, some better some less There were some real beauties So I dont know why paying 300 if it is not a porn star or a top model My 0.02 cents!
  4. Or maybe I misunderstood? maybe it is 300 for threesome?
  5. Haha, I do not understand what y'all people are saying, but 300 for one hour? and 400 for full services 1 hour?? come on There are way better girls for almost 2x less, full services for 300/400 you must be the best, a porn star, or a top model But when I see reviews here, it does NOT seems so Anyway good luck !
  6. yes but telling me my dick is too big after 10 seconds oral sex, is really not nice plus you had very very bad altitude, it was like finish it fast then it is over even after you changed to only one finish, you were asking me every 5 minutes "you finish soon?!" It is really not nice! and my dick is not even so so big, not even 20 cm!!!!
  7. Yeah I do NOT recommend her too after giving me a 30 seconds oral sex, she stops and put the condom, and when I tell her to continue oral she just ignores me...and that is after she told me she didnt want to do oral without condom, but i insisted and she asked me to do another shower...it is the first time I meet an escort and she does that to me, and I met a lot of them, even in Bucharest! so I really do not recommend her, she has very bad altitude, GFE 0. and during sex she tells me my dick is too big, and she can only do 1 finish after we agreed one hour !!!!! Of course I will never come ba
  8. Well I never tried you, so I can not really compare but girls offer great quality service for 200, and even more services than you actually I will still visit you one day just to see Because I am not really even talking about me, I have money but I remember when I had less money, how frustrating when some girls are so greedy I hope I will see a real top model for your price when I meet you, haha
  9. Ok the problem with girls is they are more and more greedy we give you 50 more, then you want 100 more, 150 more, etc.. I have seen that in other countries, and the sex services dying because of escort girls being too greedy if you want to keep good clients, you should stop being too greedy because salaries are not increasing these days, rather the reverse 200 is more than enough if us boys were smart, and we would not pay more each time then things would be way much better but there is always richer and more stupid guys who will pay more, people that really do not care about most of the pe
  10. haha, that is why I prefer girlfriends...because with a girlfriend you can relax not look at the time, have sex multiple times, kiss her But Marina is a good woman...I had a nice time when I met her
  11. yeah, almost all escorts is 200 some are even 150 I dont see why we should pay 250 Plus, you do not even do sex total
  12. What is her price for 1 hour? Because last time I tried to contact her, she told me 300! But here I could see the price 200 So did she try to make me pay more because I am a foreigner?!
  13. but you can not really know just by looking at the pictures so it would be good if you could leave a note from 1 to 10
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