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  1. Hi to everyone. Can you suggest me what is the best massage office? I mean the one who has the most beautiful girls, to also know good massage and to be open minded kai give you a great sex. Thanks!
  2. I understand my friend! Thanks for the reply! Do you have to suggest me any other nice girls. beautiful with nice bodies and to know English or even Greek?
  3. Thanks for answering my friend, I have also posted to this link but no answer received....
  4. Hi my friends. Anyone knows how can we find Tania from be on? I have been told that she is not working at Sfânta Vineri anymore....
  5. Hi all! A girl named Tania with tel. 0740361030, in the aprtment in Sfanta Vineri does someone knows where she works now and her new telephone number please?
  6. Tania te mando un mensaje hoy al 0740361030 y me dijeron que ya no trabajas ahí. ¿Dónde puedo encontrarte bebé?
  7. I am searching for nice young escorts that like to make asslicking. Write me your suggestions please! And also to speak english as I don't speak Romanian. Thanks!
  8. I am not searching for a Greek escort in Bucharest. I am searching for Romanian escort that might understand Greek in Bucharest.
  9. I went to Tania yesterday for 1 hour program. She is such a babygirl!! I had nice time with her and for sure I will visit her again!!
  10. Buna ziua! Are there any nice escorts in Obor or generally in Sector 2 that I can meet and they speak speak English or Greek as I don't speak Romanian? Thanks!!
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