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  1. I actually feel very good now that most trolls and a shady hoe got BANNED It feels like a little bit of revenge
  2. All hail the hammer. ... The ban hammer!
  3. I recommend @Tandem3 She sucks very good, she even like it more in the ass... Especially when you do Uro on her face Yesterday she wanted a gangbang with at least 10 brown skinned men
  4. and you really have one of the most beautiful faces I have seen in my life!
  5. When you are going to stop mentioning my name? You low life piece of garbage. Keep sucking dicks, we know you are an escort girl, that's what you do, while I keep visiting @loriii536 and have a good time with her
  6. That's unfortunate... I miss ukrainian beautiful babes Romanian girls are good too though However...as you already know.. They become more and more rare these days So rare that I am focusing on real girlfriends/wife these days... cause I can fuck more beautiful and better in bed for FREE lol
  7. Yulia is a popular name in Ukraine In romania too? I need some Ukraine love right now
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