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  1. I'm calling her but I can't reach. Is there some problem with her phone? Anyone knows?
  2. a few days ago i sent SMS to michelle... i ask for group sex with two lady... and my legendary adventure was start with that SMS... she asked me for two different woman. one is alina one is bety. i went alina before because of this i choosed bety... http://nimfomane.com/forum/topic/12242-bety-0760189360-outcall/?hl=bety (bety) when i enter the house my erection was start. my friends maybe you cannot believe me but i felt like in a porn movie. good one... before than this comment i wrote about michelle. you can find in this topic. but with bety all the note increased... show lesby, to
  3. I called her many times but I couldn't reach. There is anyone has an idea how can I reach her?
  4. Maybe I'm writing wrong area. But I cannot reach lady Eliza. I called several times, I sent SMS, I sent mail. Should I think she didn't want to talk with me or there is another phone number?
  5. thank you very much pisicuts... i prefered turn back to bucharest
  6. there is no fake reports. i'm calling her now. if she available i will visit her tonight also i'm feeling like lucky bastard
  7. i forgot something. the place is very well clean bathroom, clean towel and clean sheet and there is no roommates. her house on mihai bravu. i went one time with taxi and one time with my car and i found parking place during the work hour... the price is 200 ron/h two time. if i have no fucking my girl friend i can pay more than this. my girlfriend sucking only my wallet ))) if she will like you you will enjoy the time. one advice for my new friends... go with some little presents. wine, a little chocolate, flower etc... something. when you will go a business meeting, if you bring somet
  8. firstly i'm sorry. Run: it's mean run to her... i founf that lady from here: http://www.escortemature.net/profil-48 there is no photo anymore. but she is looking good. i went to her twice and both of two she waiting for me with sexy clothes... she is looking like over 40 years old woman (because she is over 40 years old) firstly she started to talk with me. she have good english. and you can talk about everything, she is funny men... when we were talking also she started little foreplay... and than she started blowjob and you cannot believe she suck my every cells of my body... and she s
  9. i'm sorry but i cannot speak romanian. i visit this lady... and my comment: run men. run... you should go fast. by taxi, by train, by ship whatever you can find...
  10. really. there is no escort in barlad?
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