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Russian escort tiny guidance

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Well, the politic atmosphere between Russia - Ukraine - EU are now stressed as our penis before ejaculation. :) But this topic is not about Russian army, but about Russian girls - who I want to fuck most. They are really beautiful, sweet, emotional and sympathy.


As promised, today I have time to share a little experience of fucking in Moscow. I do only go to salon, so this is not about the outcall girls. First, you have login to the site dosug.sz and register for a user name (free), choose the language you want and find the salon near your hotel to go.

The salon may have price from 1500 Rubles (40$) to.... unlimited. Be clear in mind that the pictures represented on site are always NOT REAL. So do not choose the salon by... the beautiful girl. Choose by your budget. Once I go to the 2500 Rubles salon, it was ... located under the land surface (underground floor). The normal salon is about 100$ to 200$/hour. My budget is only 100$/h, so usually I choose the salon with 100$. The normal salon means that you have an apartment with 2-3 rooms for service, 1 toilet with bathroom and warm water.


You can have a taxi to go. You can catch any car on the street and deal for taxi (official taxi is not recommended because when the door open, you have to pay 15$-20$ (400 or 600 rubles), and after that pay by km run.). Usually for about 5km I paid 300 - 400 rubles, depends on time, weather... (at night higher, raining day is higher...)


The salon I usually to visit is Viagra (Виагра). The new phone number is: + 7 16 731 46 27.


OK, supposed you choose the salon, called and dated. You took a taxi and arrived. I recommend you to go with a gift (small, like Merci, Ferrero... or whatever. Russian girls like to be treated respectively, politely, educated).


You come in. One girl will meet you and ask to wait a little, offer you tea - coffee for FREE. You can ask for wine, vodka, champagne... but bar service is CHARGED.

Then about 5 girls will come for you to select. Usually will be there 1 African girl (I do not mean racism: but "negru").


There are two option:

Option 1: you like one of them, you say you like this one. The other girls will say: have fun, play well... or something like this, and they go to the kitchen, left you with the selected one.


Option 2: You don't like anyone. You say thank you, but none of my favorite. There are two reactions from these girls:


Option 2A. One girl will let you know the other apartment with other girls. You can quickly go to this apartment and repeat the selection process.


Option 2B. They will give you smile, thank for arriving, and let you go home. Hope that you can come later.


Now you choose a girl. She will guide you to the room and to use bathroom, but not going with you inside. You have to give money IN ADVANCE. Then you come back to the room. She can offer you tea, sweets, coffee.... and start the 1 hour romantic.


OK, you finish all, take in the clothes. If the girl made you happy and satisfied, you can give her tips. I usually give her 500 rubles. Sometimes 1000 rubles for extremely satisfied... or... I don't have smaller nominal sum :(. If you don't like, you don't give. No problem. 


You can ask for her number, her name for next time, you can call directly to her to set a date.

For example, here is the girl, I don't know if the number is still active, because 6 months I did not call: Vasia: +7 916 771 54 03.


The fact is that: All girls in salon are recruited from salon to salon. Hardly could you find repeated in one place in 1 month. (That is why the pictures on site are fake, and recommend you to know her name and phone number).


1 hour service is exactly 1 hour (even more - if you are frequent visitor, and the girl liked you). If you finished, the girl still sit, talk, lay beside you... the service is not only for fuck and fuck, but also like... a lover - her phone closed while you are still there. (But if only you can speak Russian like me :P). If you speak foreign language, it is better to ask them before you come. This is different than in Romania. You come, fuck and go: Even you still have time, many girls will try to kick your ass out as soon as you finished (or even not finished yet :D).


Now is about my experience with pick-up girls.


My colleague is Russian. Once we go to a countryside resort center. I don't know by which means (maybe by VK.ru) he dated 2 good looking girls to come to us.

Well, we drive the new Honda Accord, and we think we are cool.

But when two girls arrived, they were on LEXUS. Mama mea!!!!

Ok, we (My friend, me, and 2 other guys) organize a small disco, with music, vodka, salami, cucumbers, bread, cheese...... in the resort house.

Then we smoke a little "green leaves")...

We organized the party warmly and plan to fuck each girl till morning.... even gangbang them.

But when it was the high time to fuck, one girl have a phone call that... her sister is giving a birth and she had to go. The other girl has to drive her home. No matter how we tried to keep them. MTF, her sister is giving birth and from countryside to Moscow is about 250km. She would drive whole night???

We stopped the party, go to every place in the town, even a 5 stars hotel to pick up at least a pussy to fuck. But through the night found no one. So the art, again, was in our hand :P

Conclusion: pickup if you can show her that you are cool, rich and ready to pay much (i.e. 150.000 rubles/night, ke ke ke). And in countryside - it is better not to try to find escort.


That's all, maybe next time will be a story about the erotic massage club in Moscow, Asian or Western Europe escorts. But not promise :)

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